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The cruelty of down

Posted 29 November 2012

As the cold weather draws in and the festive season approaches, we may be tempted to dash out to buy down-filled jackets and down-stuffed pillows for ourselves or our loved-ones. But a new investigation by Four Paws has shown, once again, the shocking cruelty involved in producing down jackets and coats.

An article in the Daily Mail reveals the dark side of down – feathers ripped from the bodies of live birds, leaving them bleeding and in pain. Says the investigator: 'When it’s over and the birds are bleeding, the wounds are roughly sewn up with a needle and thread without any anaesthetic. When their feathers grow back after about five weeks, it happens all over again – and all so you can have a nice winter coat.'

Others are a by-product of the foie gras industry, which is so cruel it is banned in the UK.

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