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COW ON SNOWDON - Scaling new heights!

Posted 1 July 2002
Have you ever seen a pantomime cow climb Snowdon!

Animal Aid staff members Mark White and Becky Lilly are walking up Mount Snowdon this September to raise funds for Animal Aid's vital and hugely successful campaign against the trade in exotic pets. We thought a straightforward climb sounded a bit easy so they agreed to do it dressed as a pantomime cow!

The Snowdon climb will be very hard work, so please ensure that their exhaustion and back pain are not wasted - by sponsoring them. Even better, please try to get lots of your family, friends and colleagues to fund them as well.

We have already persuaded the DIY chain, Focus, to end its sale of all birds, mammals and reptiles; closed down numerous bird and reptile fairs; halted plans for two reptile zoos in Wales; and stopped the sale of 'Aquababies' - fish contained in four inch perspex cubes - in most shopping centres. There's still more essential work to be done.

So if you can, please sign up and get lots of other sponsors now.


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