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Statement by Animal Aid on the resignation of Lord Sainsbury, Science Minister

Posted 13 November 2006

When Labour first came into power in 1997, there was great optimism that we were about to see a marked decline in the number of animals used in laboratory research. Instead, the death toll is on the increase. Lord Sainsbury - the Labour Party's 'sugar daddy' - can claim much of the credit for this depressing development. As Science Minister, he exercised a great deal of control over what kind of research received funding. He also acted as a keen and very powerfully positioned cheerleader for animal research. This advocacy was not only scientifically irrational - in that the so-called animal model is an unreliable guide for human medicine - but he effectively bought his way into this position of power through the many millions of pounds he donated or loaned to the Labour party. The resignation of this enemy of compassion and scientific rationality is good news indeed.

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