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Recycle your mobile phone

Posted 6 March 2007

We are very pleased to announce that, following the success of the inkjet-recycling scheme, we are now able to recycle MOBILE PHONES. This will raise additional valuable funds for Animal Aid and help us in our campaign against all forms of animal abuse and promote a cruelty-free lifestyle, while also addressing the very important "green" agenda. On average, each workable phone received is worth £6 to Animal Aid. To donate your mobile, please call the office, or EAH, for a freepost envelope. Please remove the sim card before sending and do not include mobile chargers. The envelope will hold up to 3 handsets, so why not ask friends and family to donate too? Please make sure the envelope is secure.

The inkjet recycling scheme continues and to date nearly £1,500 has been raised for Animal Aid. Please keep up the good work by sending your empty cartridges to EAH Recycling - every cartridge is much appreciated.

For envelopes or larger bags please call EAH Recycling on 01473 658161

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