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More Councils back the Compassionate Charter

Posted 6 August 2009

Castlereagh Borough Council in Northern Ireland and Halewood Town Council in Merseyside are the latest councils to voice their support for Animal Aid’s Compassionate Charter, which asks councils to adopt a set of eight policies that can have a big impact on the lives of animals. Castlereagh Borough Council voted to support the overall concept of the Charter, and has already banned animals with circuses from council land. It now aims to sign up to as many aspects of the Charter as possible. Halewood Town Council aims to consider all the policies within their scope, and will be buying cruelty-free cleaning products wherever possible.

The eight policies of the Charter are:

  • Purchase only cruelty-free toiletries and cleaning products
  • Ban circuses with animals from council land
  • Ban pets as prizes
  • Promote and subsidise spaying and neutering programmes
  • Stop the sale of foie gras and veal on council premises
  • Go fur-free
  • Adopt only humane, non-lethal management of pigeons and other animals and birds
  • Make your town a plastic bag-free zone

Animal Aid is delighted that more and more councils are expressing their support for this initiative, and congratulates the councillors involved for their forward-thinking and compassionate stance. We hope that this great progress will continue!

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