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Posted 1 January 2005
Tsunami human and animal victims. Photo credit: Animal People News

In addition to the human victims, the terrible devastation of the Asian tsunami has killed scores of thousands of animals. Huge numbers of animals who have survived are in urgent need of aid. Sometimes it is thought indecent to help animals when humans are in need, but we hope that people will find it in their hearts to ensure that everybody who needs help receives it.

Many wild animals made for the safety of high ground. Elephants, for example, are thought to be able to sense low frequency vibrations indicative of an earthquake, and some were seen running away from shorelines where tsunamis struck. Flocks of flamingos were also observed moving from their lowland breeding grounds. Farm, domestic and zoo animals - held in captivity - were less fortunate. Unable to escape the effects of the disaster, a great many were killed and many more are still in need.

Several organisations are working to bring food and veterinary supplies to sick, disorientated and starving animals - help that could make the crucial difference between life and death.

Tsunami animal victims. Photo credit: IFAW

Disaster relief

IFAW and WSPA are the largest animal protection groups working on disaster relief. The details of the other small local organisations listed below were supplied by the Kinship Circle ( Animal Aid has no direct experience of these local groups but there is clearly a massive need for all the support you can make available.

In addition, the vegan charity Vegfam ( has set up a special disaster relief fund.

Stray dog in Sri Lanka. Photo credit: WSPA


Tsunami disaster relief for animals

SOURCE: Merritt Clifton, Editor, Animal People,
Kim Bartlett, Publisher, Animal People Newspaper,

Tsunami animal relief contacts

In donating to overseas groups, one should ALWAYS email first for specific instructions, as the best way to get money to them promptly can vary with where they are and how their bank accounts are set up. Just sending off a check without instructions specific to the organization is not a good idea.


Blue Cross of India (via ANIMAL PEOPLE)
ANIMAL PEOPLE / donation for tsumani relief in India
PO Box 960
Clinton WA 98236
or phone 360-579-2505 to use a Visa or Mastercard
fax: 360-579-2575

*The Chennai region of south India was hardest hit. Checks can be mailed directly to the Blue Cross of India, or sent payable to ANIMAL PEOPLE (to be tax exempt in the US) with notation that the donation is for tsunami relief in India.

**The Blue Cross can deposit US checks directly into its bank account, but I am happy to receive them and forward to Blue Cross. We routinely accept donations for them so that US donors can deduct the amounts from their income tax.

Blue Cross of India
c/o Dr. Chinny Krishna
1-A Eldams Rd.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India
ph: 91-44-234-1399; fax: 91-44-234-9801
Debasis Chakrabarti, President:
Purnima Toolsidas, Secretary:

Visakha SPCA
Pradeep Kumar Nath, President:
Swathi Buddhiraju, Hospital Manager:
26-15-200 Main Road
530001, India
ph: 91-891-564759; fax: 91-891-528662

Compassionate Crusaders Trust and People For Animals/Calcutta
1/13A Olai Chandi Rd.
Calcutta 700037, India
ph: 91-33-556-7149; fax: 91-33-220-5665

Animal Aid Unlimited (India)
Erika Abrams
4508 SW Massachusetts St.
Seattle, WA 98116
*Donations to Indian organizations from the US are being coordinated by Animal Aid Unlimited.
Animal Aid Unlimited can issue a tax-exempt receipt to US donors who need one.


Animal People is collecting donations for the Sri Lankan tsunami animal relief.
Checks can be mailed to:

Animal People
PO Box 960
Clinton WA 98236
or phone 360-579-2505 to use a Visa or Mastercard

*Champa Fernando ( is still the only animal rescue person whom we've heard from in Sri Lanka since the tsunami. Champa is an attorney and coordinates numerous projects and activities among the other Sri Lankan organizations, but as of yesterday had no information yet about how they had fared.

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