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I'M AN ANIMAL - Get me out of here!

Posted 1 February 2004

Since series 3 of 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!' began on 26th January, wild animals including rats, eels, ostriches, insects, snakes and worms have been 'used' in the shows cruel and ridiculous endurance tests.

The first show saw an eel tipped onto a mound of maggots inside a tank in which one of the contestants had his head. The eel was visibly distressed - not surprising considering it lives in water and would not have been able to breathe properly!

Insects and 'witchetty grubs' have been eaten alive, other animals confined to small tanks with celebrities made to crawl over them, and on one particularly upsetting occasion rats were seen being brushed off and thrown back into a tank of water out of which the celebrity climbed, her body being what they had clung to in order to stop drowning. One 'animal handler' was seen holding a rat by his/her tail and then deliberately dropping him/her head first back in to the tank.

Despite their declaration to the contrary, the programme makers are showing an obvious disregard for animal welfare: animals are being harmed, they are being caused fear and distress, and they are dying. The producers were inundated with complaints last year regarding the treatment of animals. (One show in the last series involved goldfish and eels crashing through the bottom of a tank and left floundering on the floor, gasping for breath as they died.)

If Granada are allowed to get away with this abuse yet again, who knows what cruel 'Bushtucker trials' they will think of next?

Please complain to Granada on 020 7620 1620 (make sure you ask to leave your details so that it goes down on record). You can also email, or write to:

Granada plc
Upper Ground

Please also complain to the television regulators, Ofcom:

Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road

or go to:

Read Animal Aid's complaint to Granada and Ofcom.

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