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Posted 24 February 2002

Animal Aid celebrates the end of pet sales at Henley Market

From undercover video at Henley Market

Animal Aid are celebrating Stratford District Council's ruling that pet animals will no longer be sold at Henley Market. Animal Aid, who argued from the outset that it was unlawful to sell pet animals in a public place such as Henley Market, received confirmation from the council last week.

Stratford District Council admitted that:

"The Council, as Licensing Authority does not, and never has had, the legal power to issue a License to allow pets to be sold from Henley Market... The market operator has been informed of this outcome and warned that the council sale of pet animals will constitute an offence under the 1951 Act."

The video showed the appalling conditions

Animal Aid spokesperson, Elaine Toland said:

"We are relieved that legislation brought in to protect pet animal welfare will now be enforced at Henley Market. Our undercover footage showed animals kept in appalling conditions - some of them in cardboard boxes for hours with no food or water. Unfortunately, 'food' animals are not afforded the same level of protection and will continue to be traded at the market."

Animal Aid attended a meeting of the Licensing Department on 5 February and were told that the council would seek independent legal advice. The council's decision sets an important precedent for other livestock markets currently selling pets on which Animal Aid will be capitalizing.

The actor, Martin Shaw, was also delighted on hearing the news. He had spoken out against the 100 year-old Wednesday auction sales after viewing Animal Aid's footage and described what he saw as "a scene from Hell painted by Bruegel".

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