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REPTILE FAIRS - Dealers try it on at Redditch

Posted 1 September 2002
A lizard

The International Herpetological Society (I.H.S.), a small, amateur group of animal dealers and hobbyists, plans to stage a reptile fair in Redditch on Sunday 29 September 2002.

I.H.S. fairs have been rejected by all of the local authorities they have approached in the past even though they have tried to run their fairs as 'breeders meetings', 'members-only meetings' or sales of 'personal pets' in an attempt to avoid legal restrictions on commercial animal trading.

The Society's last fair, at the end of April, took place in Bradford - see the letter from Bradford MDC. We have maintained throughout our campaign against one-day fairs that these events are illegal. This has now been borne out by yet another Local Authority who has investigated the I.H.S.' dealings thoroughly and is now of the opinion that bird and reptile fairs unlawful and have informed the I.H.S. that they should cease holding such events.

Redditch Borough Council are aware of the event and we look forward to them taking firm action to prevent any animals being sold.


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