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Posted 14 September 2000

Elizabeth Delgado Company Solicitor Focus Do It All Gawsworth House Westmere Drive Crewe Cheshire CW1 6XB

September 14, 2000

Dear Ms Delgado

What follows is a draft press release that we intend to send out Friday, September 15, subject to your response.

It appears that you decided to end the sale of iguanas (prudently in our view) in response to our public campaign that began in February 2000, and which warned of the animal welfare and public health risks associated with the sale of these animals.

The criticism you make in your September 8 letter arises from the fact that we have challenged whether the steps you took to end the sale of iguanas in your stores were effective.

Immediately following receipt of your letter by fax, we called your Widnes branch and were told an iguana was available for purchase.

The following morning (Saturday, September 9) an Animal Aid representative visited the Widnes store, where he saw and filmed the iguana - clearly marked as such. A salesperson confirmed the animal was for sale.

Accordingly, we request that you immediately:

  1. Forward to us a copy of the instructions sent to your stores relating to your declared policy of ceasing the sale of iguanas.
  2. Confirm the timing of such instructions and what steps your company took to police said instructions.
  3. Forward to us a copy of any statements issued by your company in response to our press release announcing the September 8/9 Focus Do It All Days of Action - especially those statements referring to the sale of iguanas.

Please confirm - on receipt - that you have received this fax.

As well as the enclosed press release, we intend simultaneously posting on the Internet an image of the iguana who was on sale at your Widnes branch, Saturday September 9.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Tyler Director, Animal Aid

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