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Posted 6 September 2000
Protestors outside Focus

Focus Do It All will again come under fire this weekend for its sale of reptiles. Pressure group, Animal Aid, has already raised serious questions regarding both the care of animals in-store and the advice that is given to potential customers.

On September 8 and 9, campaigners throughout the country in reptile masks and carrying placards will demonstrate what life could be like for reptiles in Focus Do It All stores by asking customers to imagine spending the rest of their lives in a garden shed or greenhouse.

Andrew Tyler, Director of Animal Aid says:

"The only way we can begin to imagine how these animals suffer is to put ourselves in their position. Keepers of captive reptiles, if the in-store example by FDIA is to be followed, could literally kill their reptiles - with stress. The equivalent scenario for us would be to spend the rest of our lives watching wet paint dry."

Animal Aid, and their expert reptile biologist Clifford Warwick, have already made Focus Do It All aware of captivity-stress which is known to be suffered by reptiles whether or not they are wild-caught. Clifford Warwick C.Biol., F.I.Biol., M.I.B.I. says:

"A reptile in a cage, no matter how spacious and environmentally diverse the cage may be, will still be adversely affected by it. So imagine what the tiny tanks in Focus Do It All do to their prisoners trapped inside."

Animal Aid is particularly disturbed that Focus Do It All continue to sell iguanas, despite acknowledgements from staff that they grow to six feet in length and do not make suitable pets. The company told Animal Aid that they would discontinue their sale of iguanas. However, they seem to be putting their profits first by selling off remaining stock. They must surely know that the animals will be in serious trouble once owners decide they cannot cope.

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