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Help us show WH Smith that the public is on our side!

Posted 29 November 2012

On 15 December, activists will be leafleting outside WH Smith outlets across the UK, to protest the retailer’s sale to children of titles such as Shooting Times, Sporting Gun, Shooting Sports and Sporting Rifle, which encourage and even celebrate the killing of animals for ‘sport’.

Animal Aid’s campaign already has the support of the majority of the public, according to the results of a recent NOP poll. In the survey, 84 per cent of respondents called for a ban on the sale of gun magazines to under-18s and 74 per cent of the public supported our call to have such material moved to a top shelf position.

Can you help to distribute leaflets outside your local WH Smith on 15 December?

Even an hour of your time would be a tremendous boost to the campaign, and would help WH Smith’s Executive Board appreciate how many people support this campaign.

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