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Cheale Meats boss says he was sickened by the cruelty

Posted 26 January 2012

An Essex newspaper has been shown around Cheale Meats slaughterhouse so that the company could ‘prove’ it had cleaned up its act after the shocking animal abuse filmed there last year by Animal Aid.

The report quotes Cheale Meats boss, Adam Cheale, who says ‘I was sickened by [the footage]. I could not believe it happened here, I was disgusted by it. The article added ‘Mr Cheale revealed that these men offered no defence or explanation after they were caught.’

Such admissions are in stark contrast to what his company said at the time of the exposé in 2011. The solicitor appointed to defend them said the company ‘would not accept all or any of the activities on this video relate to their premises’ and ‘There are companies who treat animals badly but Cheale Meats are not one of them.’

In a later statement the same solicitor made the extraordinary claim that the cruelty filmed by Animal Aid was ‘staged’ for the cameras.

Given the blatant false statements and the ridiculous accusations made when the film was first made public, it seems to us that this latest expression of shock and disgust is principally aimed at rescuing the company’s badly damaged reputation.

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