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CCTV in slaughterhouses

Posted 29 August 2012

The government of Uttar Pradesh – a province in Northern India – has ordered that all slaughterhouses install CCTV. This is to ‘check against animal cruelty’ and to ‘help in effective implementation of pollution control measures’. To our knowledge, this is the first government in the world to order this important measure.

Since Animal Aid started covert filming in UK slaughterhouses in 2009, we have been campaigning for mandatory CCTV across the UK. The supermarkets have responded positively and insisted that their slaughterhouse suppliers have cameras installed, and the RSPCA has made it mandatory for all Freedom Food approved slaughterhouses, too.

Animal Aid’s investigations found that eight out of nine slaughterhouses broke animal welfare laws. Vets are on site but did not see what we filmed. CCTV cameras won’t stop the suffering – only choosing meat-free will do that – but it could prevent gratuitous violence.

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