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VEGGIE PARENTS - Questionnaire

Posted 1 September 2002

The theme for Veggie Month next March will be vegetarian parents. We'd like to find out what proportion of vegetarians who have children are raising their kids veggie. We also aim to discover whether these parents experience negative pressure to start feeding their children meat.


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How many children do you have?
boys, aged
girls, aged

Is the child(ren)'s other parent also vegetarian?

no time spent with other parent

Which of the following would you like to see in supermarkets and chain stores?
(Tick all the boxes that apply)

Better labelling of vegetarian products
Vegetarian products made easier to find in the store
Better informed shop floor staff
More child-orientated vegetarian products
More child-orientated dairy free/vegan products
More frequent bulk-buy offers on vegetarian products
Regular in-store promotions of vegetarian products

Please identify the situation (1, 2, 3 or 4) that applies to you and answer the relevant question(s), by ticking all the boxes that apply.

1. I am vegetarian, but I never intended to raise my child(ren) veggie, because:

I see being vegetarian as my personal choice and nothing to do with my family
I think a veggie diet is fine for adults but not healthy for children
I wanted my children to fit in with their peers and thought being veggie would cause problems
My friends/relatives talked me out of it
I was advised against it by:
our doctor health worker/midwife newspaper/radio/TV
other (please explain)

2. I intended to raise my child(ren) veggie but later changed my mind and started feeding them meat, because:

I was worried about their health
I felt they were being deprived of some of the foods their friends liked
My friends/relatives talked me out of it
There wasn't much vegetarian food served at their school
I was persuaded to introduce meat etc. into their diet by:
our doctor health worker/midwife newspaper/radio/TV
other (please explain)

3. I decided to raise my child(ren) as vegetarian and stuck to my decision.
Please indicate below if you have experienced any problems from relatives and other people.

There have not been any real problems resulting from this decision
I can't trust certain relatives/friends to make sure that the food they offer my children is veggie
It becomes an issue when they visit friends' houses for tea/birthday parties
It becomes an issue when we eat out, as it is hard to get veggie children's portions
We have experienced other problems (give an example)

Have your children remained vegetarian or did any of them decide to start eating meat?
They're all still veggie Some or all are now eating meat

If you answered that some are eating meat, what motivated them to stop being veggie?
They were offered meat and really liked the taste, so wanted it again
They wanted to eat in places like McDonald's with their friends
They weren't catered for adequately by their school
They were a bit embarrassed about being veggie and wanted to change
They were bullied about it

4. I went vegetarian after becoming a parent.

My children became vegetarian also
The family/household contains both veggies and non-veggies.

If you answered question 3 or 4, please also answer the following question:

Have you ever experienced, from any of the following people, either negative pressure or positive encouragement about raising vegetarian children?

  Pressure Encouragement
a doctor mild strong slight enthusiastic
a health visitor mild strong slight enthusiastic
teachers mild strong slight enthusiastic
other parents mild strong slight enthusiastic
other family members mild strong slight enthusiastic

Thank you for completing our questionnaire.
Do you or your children have any additional comments you'd like to make?

We might want to contact you in order to obtain extra information and opinions, which we can include when we write up the results of this survey. Only first names will be used, and we won't disclose your address to anyone else. Are you happy for us to contact you? yes no


Child(ren)'s name(s)


Address (optional)

Tel nos / email address

For more information about Veggie Month, plus recipes and vegetarian factfiles, see our special Veggie Month section.

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