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Posted 1 March 2001

A samosa

'almost half the British population is cutting back on meat or going vegetarian in the wake of BSE and other food scares'.

Daily Mail 7.11.00.

(The same article reported a 67 0ncrease in the sale of vegetarian foods over the last five years, according to Mintel survey).

'I'm just repelled by the thought of slaughterhouses - the carcasses hanging on the conveyor belt, the blood running down the drains. The ripped out intestines lying on the floor and the pelts piled high in heaps in the corners.'

Roy Hattersley, on why he's giving up red meat (but not chicken or fish).
Daily Mail, 13.12.00.

'Personally, it is many years since I have eaten meat. And it has been some time since I have been able to find any culinary inspiration in animal products... Vegetables are so much more colourful, more perfumed. You can play with the harmony of colours, everything is luminous. I want to become the first three-star chef to use only vegetables, a driving force in the field of vegetable and flower cuisine.'

Alain Passard, chef at the £100 a head Arpege restaurant in Paris, who has removed red meat and most fish (but not chicken) from his menu.
The Guardian, 30.12.00.

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