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Posted 1 December 2001
Vegan food

Animal Aid has produced two new factfiles.

Going Dairy Free lists the range of dairy substitutes now available to replace milk, cheese, yoghurt and other products. It also provides information on where they can be purchased, and how best to use them in your cooking.

There is an action plan, too, with suggestions on how to create dairy-free versions of your favourite meals and desserts; plus a recommended book list and a couple of recipes to help make the transformation to dairy-free foods trouble-free.

The Fish Business exposes the cruel, unhealthy and environmentally damaging fish industry. Common sense tells us that fish feel pain but, for the benefit of those who need convincing, the evidence is clearly set out. The factfile also shows that fish come loaded with toxic chemicals and present a severe food poisoning risk. Many species also contain high levels of saturated fat.

The Fish Business also describes the factory farming of fish from industrial hatchery to gruesome death - and the resulting pollution that puts their wild cousins at risk.


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