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Posted 1 December 2001
Christmas Veggie Roadshow

We kicked off our Christmas Veggie Roadshow in early October before most reasonable people had even begun to think about Christmas. But there was method in our madness. The idea was to give people in five southern counties enough time to consider celebrating an entirely cruelty-free holiday and, in particular, to think about some alternatives to turkey.

Seeing was believing as Animal Aid's graphic Choose Life - Going Veggie film was shown to shocked and horrified shopping centre visitors. (We were careful to avoid half-term or out-of-school hours so that young children were not subjected to the distressing images of slaughterhouses.)

People react in very different ways when confronted with the brutal reality of abattoirs. For many, a brief look was enough before they went on their way, but others felt compelled to watch the five-minute film to the end. Some seemed to welcome the chance to view what really happens. We found ourselves consoling and counselling some individuals at the same time as offering them advice on how to adopt a cruelty-free diet.

Delicious vegetarian 'turkey' and stuffing sandwiches were handed out. Many could hardly believe that their tasty sandwich filling hadn't been sliced from a carcass!

Our new booklet, Celebrate Christmas Without Cruelty, was also handed out and distributed widely following its mention in the local press. This cheerfully illustrated guide includes ten easy ways to take cruelty out of Christmas.


  • For a full list of booklets, including Celebrate Christmas Without Cruelty, see our resources list.
  • A shorter, amended version of the booklet is available to read online here.
  • If you would like to organise similar Christmas awareness days, please contact us for advice and guidance.

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