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World Vegan Day

Posted 26 October 2006
Bushel of vegetables

November 1st is World Vegan Day, a global celebration of a healthy and compassionate lifestyle free from all animal products. More and more people are embracing this way of life, as much because of concerns over the health problems and environmental destruction associated with eating meat, as with animal welfare.

Whether you have considered it before or not, these reasons to go vegan will give you food for thought. It’s good for you, good for the animals, and good for the planet!


Whether battery, barn, free range or organic, eating eggs isn’t a cruelty-free option. Each year, millions of day-old male chicks are killed because they are deemed ‘useless’ to the industry because they cannot lay eggs.

From Shell to Hell

Dairy cows are subjected to a constant cycle of pregnancies and have their babies taken away at one or two days old, so that the milk meant for them can be bottled up for human consumption. Male calves born to dairy herds are ‘surplus’ to the industry. Many are shot, others are sent on punishing journeys to continental veal farms.

Suffering of Cattle

Cows’ milk contains hormones, chemicals, antibiotics, fat and droplets of blood and pus from weeping, infected udders.

Facts about Milk

Vegans have been shown to live longer and have a lower risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer than meat-eaters.

human health problems caused by animal products

The production of meat and dairy products uses up vast quantities of land, energy and water. A vegan diet uses less resources, requiring half the amount of land used to produce a typical vegetarian diet and one fifth of that used for a typical European omnivorous diet. In terms of an individual’s carbon footprint, switching to a vegan diet would have a greater impact than buying an eco-friendly car.

Wrecking the Planet

Cutting out animal products is easier than you think. There are alternatives to practically every meat and dairy product imaginable. Most supermarkets stock a wide variety of animal-free foods, and your local health food shop will usually have an excellent selection. Check out Animal Aid’s guide to Going Dairy Free.

You can also support this day by encouraging your school/college/university/work canteen to provide healthy dairy alternatives such as soya milk, ice cream and margarine. Also, why not take some vegan food to work, school or college on November 1st so non-vegans can find out just how delicious vegan food is.

Send for a free ‘Go Vegan’ pack containing delicious egg-and-dairy-free recipes.

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