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March is Veggie Month!

Posted 1 March 2007

March is Veggie Month! It's the perfect time to kick the meat habit, says national campaign group Animal Aid. With so many positive benefits attributed to the vegetarian diet and at a time when it could not be easier, there's no excuse not to try this healthy and ethical lifestyle.

In the UK alone, around 2.5 million animals are slaughtered for food every single day. Most will have been raised in crowded, filthy, disease-ridden conditions, before meeting a brutal end in a killing factory. Animal Aid encourages people to drop meat from their diets in order to spare animals from suffering, and also to protect and boost their own health. Scientific surveys show that vegetarians are less likely to suffer from various cancers, diabetes, heart disease and obesity - and, therefore, have a longer life expectancy.

Switching to a plant-based diet is also kind to the planet. It is one of the simplest steps any individual can take towards combating climate change, as animal farming produces enormous amounts of methane gas - the second largest contributor to global warming. Animal farming also uses much more land, energy and water than plant-based agriculture.

To launch Veggie Month 2007, Animal Aid is releasing the results of a nationwide survey to find Britain's most vegetarian and vegan friendly supermarket chain. The winners of the 2007 Animal Aid Vegetarian & Vegan Supermarket of the Year are Morrisons for its vegetarian provision and Waitrose for its vegan provision. Overall, Waitrose was found to be the most vegetarian and vegan friendly supermarket group in Britain owing to its provision of meat- and dairy-free products across the spectrum.

Veggie Month is supported by thousands of libraries, community centres and health food shops throughout the country. Waterstones bookshops are also supporting Veggie Month by distributing Animal Aid 'Go Veggie' bookmarks.

Says Animal Aid Veggie Month Co-ordinator, Kelly Slade:

'Going vegetarian is easy, ethical and healthy. With bird flu high on the agenda, now is an especially good time to give it a go. You'll save lives and improve your health at the same time.'

Notes to editors

  • To view the supermarket survey report visit or contact Kelly Slade on 01732 364546 ext 227 (out of hours 07890 136663) or email
  • For more information on Veggie Month contact Kelly Slade on 01732 364546 ext. 227, ( After hours, contact Andrew Tyler on 0791 8083774.
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