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Five Good Reasons to Go Vegan for the Environment

Posted 29 May 2007
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During London Sustainability Weeks, events will be taking place across the capital to promote and encourage environmentally sustainable projects and activities. To highlight the meat and dairy industries’ damaging impact upon the environment, Animal Aid is encouraging people to leaflet Londoners on Saturday 16th June with the Go Vegan, Fight Climate Change message. A good place to do this might be at a busy tube station or on a high street. However, those who don’t live near London can still take part by door-dropping the leaflet in their local area.

To order leaflets, contact Kelly.

Five Good Reasons to Go Vegan for the Environment

  1. Animal farming is responsible for 18 per cent of all global greenhouse gas emissions - far more than is generated by the transport sector.
  2. On average, a dairy cow belches out 500 litres of methane a day. Removing meat and dairy products entirely from your diet could reduce individual carbon footprints from food by 50-60 per cent.
  3. The liquid waste from dairy farms is hundreds of times more polluting than human sewage.
  4. It takes a thousand litres of water to grow one kilo of wheat, 11,000 litres to grow feed for enough of a cow to make just one quarter-pound burger and between 2,000 and 4,000 litres for that cow to fill her udder with one litre of milk.
  5. Animal farming uses 30 per cent of the earth’s entire land surface for grazing and for the vast amount of crops needed to feed them.

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