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Letter to Boris Johnson

Posted 30 May 2008

Dear Boris,

Go Vegan for Love London Festival

June 1st-21st is London’s greenest annual festival – Love London – when people are encouraged to find out about living more sustainable lives and contributing towards a greener capital. During this time, Animal Aid will be encouraging London residents to try the vegan diet, as reducing our impact on the planet isn't just a question of saving energy and limiting car use. Switching to an animal-free diet is the single most effective step any individual can take to combat climate change and environmental degradation. We would, therefore, like to challenge you to adopt an animal-free diet for all or part of this festival.

I have enclosed Animal Aid's guide to going vegan. You might also find our new website useful. It includes simple recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner for every day of Love London.

Lastly, I would like to share some facts with you that make a compelling argument for trying the animal-free diet.

  1. Farmed animals account for 37 per cent of all human-generated methane, and produce a larger share of the world’s greenhouse gases than the entire global transport sector.
  2. Plant-based agriculture uses less than a quarter of the land required for a meat-based diet as the food grown is fed directly to humans.
  3. Even the most water-intensive plant-based crop uses far less water then the most water-efficient form of animal agriculture.
  4. By personally taking the Vegan Challenge, and trying an animal-free diet for a week or the whole of the festival, you would be sending out a powerful and positive signal that will attract a great deal of attention. Why not give it a go?!

    Should you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew Tyler

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