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Unhappy Mother's Day

Posted 11 March 2010

Maternal instincts are not unique to humans, and Mother's Day is the perfect time to show compassion towards mothers from all species. It is with this in mind that Animal Aid campaigners visited an intensive pig farm to bring a little happiness into the otherwise desolate lives of breeding sows, taking apples to the porcine mothers incarcerated in highly restrictive - and extremely controversial - farrowing crates.

Conditions inside the farm were heart-breaking, with barren conditions, sows so confined they could not even turn around, or take a step forward or back, and tiny dead piglets left on the floor.

Sows used for breeding on intensive British pig farms are repeatedly inseminated. In the later stages of pregnancy, they are restrained in barren farrowing crates where they are forced to give birth, and their young are taken from them to be fattened and killed. The cycle continues until the sows are too worn out to produce large litters, and then they, too, are killed.

So this Mother's Day, spare a thought for these unhappy mothers, and choose a meat-free diet.

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