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Posted 1 March 1998

Could eating meat be responsible for 120,000 deaths every year? A fresh analysis of an important piece of research into diet and disease has revealed that 120,000 people could be dying every year in the UK as a direct result of eating meat. This would make meat-eating the largest single preventable cause of human deat deaths.

The shock findings by national campaign group Animal Aid mark the launch of the organisation's annual Veggie Month - a month of special promotional activities to encourage the public to 'go veggie' and give up meat for good. Veggie Month is receiving backing from health clinics, schools, shops and youth centres across Britain.

After adjustment for known risk factors (such as smoking), the survey results revealed that the number of deaths from all causes was 20% higher amongst meat-eaters. Relating these figures to the latest UK mortality data indicates that 121,155 people died due to a meat-based in 1995. This would mean that eating meat could be causing more early mortality than smoking.

More than 850 million animals die each year to satisfy the British public's appetite for meat.

All the evidence now indicates that eating meat is a major health hazard that could also be population studies in order to establish just how vast this problem is.

Animal Aid launches its Kick the Meat Habit! helpline on March 2nd to assist members of the public to quit the meat habit for good. The helpline will offer callers all the advice and support they need to begin cooking delicious vegetarian meals and leading a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle .The group is initiating a hard-hitting nationwide poster campaign later in the month.

Notes to Editors

  • More information from Andrew Tyler, Becky Smith on (01732) 364546. Mobile: 0421 326329 or Mark Gold on (01404) 831763.
  • Kick the Meat Habit! helpline (01732) 354032.Calls are charged at standard rates. The helpline runs throughout March.

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