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Suffer The Little Ones

Posted 29 March 2010

It's Easter time – shops are full of cards bearing images of cute, fluffy yellow chicks and shelves are stacked to the ceiling with milk chocolate eggs. But the reality of the egg and dairy industries is not as pretty as the pictures on the cards.

Each year, 30 million day-old male chicks are gassed or shredded alive by the egg industry, because they cannot lay eggs and don't put on weight quickly enough for meat production. The majority of their sisters end up in battery cages but within just two years, they are unable to produce the amount of eggs required. Considered worthless, they are killed and their worn-out bodies used for cheap meat products.

Chicks who are hatched for the meat industry grow at around twice their natural rate; as a result, they grow so big and so fast that their legs are unable to support their weight and many collapse. Government research shows that nearly one-third of ‘broiler’ chickens have difficulty walking or are unable to walk at all. They are slaughtered at just six weeks of age – when they are still immature.

The dairy industry is just as unkind. Calves, just a few days old are stolen away from their mothers, so that the milk meant for them can be bottled up for human use. Regarded as waste by-products, many of the male calves are simply shot in the head soon after birth. Others will be sent on traumatic journeys to Continental veal farms and many of the females will replace their mothers in the dairy herd. Cows would naturally live for as long as 25 years, but by the time she is five, the dairy cow is likely to be physically exhausted, lame and infertile – worn-out, she is sent to slaughter.

So this Easter, drop dairy and eggs with the help of Animal Aid's 'I can't believe it's…vegan!' dairy- and egg-free recipe booklet. It is packed full of delicious savoury dishes and dreamy desserts, including a mouth-watering trifle. In fact, this booklet offers all the information needed to adopt a compassionate diet, including nutritional advice and shopping tips. And it’s absolutely FREE.

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