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Posted 28 October 2010

When Animal Aid launched Vegan Month (a November-long promotion of the totally animal-free diet) four years ago, we didn’t anticipate that veganism would become almost uncontentious quite so quickly. Major scientific reports pointing to the environmental damage and agricultural and economic inefficiencies of animal farming seem to be published every few months. In addition, the public is now getting a sense of the impossible burden placed upon dairy cows through modern farming methods - pressures that are set to increase dramatically with the advent of so-called mega dairies. These are milk factories in which unnaturally high yielding cows are confined for virtually all of their short productive lives.

Among the key initiatives of this year’s Vegan Month is a new short (4 minute) web-based film that describes the life of the dairy cow and her 'waste by-product' calves. Where does my milk come from?, produced by leading, London-based design company, Taylor McKenzie Creative Communication, also traces the history of modern dairy farming, looks at milk-related health issues and sets out a range of attractive dairy-free alternative products.

A question often asked by members of the public contemplating going vegan is: what do vegans eat? The answer is that the vegan diet is delicious and varied and healthy. For this year’s Vegan Month we will be offering, via Animal Aid’s new website or on request from those who contact the Animal Aid office, a whole week’s worth of vegan meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Says Vegan Month Co-ordinator, Kelly Slade:

Vegan is definitely the new veggie for those who care about animals, their health or the future of the planet. And with high street shops and supermarkets now stocking a wide variety of vegan foods, there’s no reason not to give it a go.

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