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Drop Eggs at Easter

Posted 21 April 2011

It is time to resurrect compassion and drop eggs from your diet, says Animal Aid.

Everyone loves to see the cute, round, fluffy, yellow chicks on the front of greeting cards at this time of year but, most would be horrified if they knew that, in reality, millions of day-old chicks are killed by the egg industry every year. These are the male chicks, and they are gassed or shredded alive shortly after hatching from their shells, because they are considered useless: they cannot lay eggs and they don’t put on weight quickly enough for meat production.

Things are no better for the female chicks. The majority end up in battery cages where they have little room to move or stretch their wings. Even in organic free-range systems, hens can be housed in groups of 9000 and are denied access to the outside for up to two-thirds of their lives. And at the end of their short existence, all egg-laying hens end up at the slaughterhouse where their worn-out bodies go into cheap meat products.

It is not necessary to eat eggs when the nutrients they contain can be obtained from more ethical sources. By dropping them from your diet you will not only be helping to save animals from a lifetime of suffering, but you’ll also feel fitter and healthier too. Give chicks a chance - go egg-free this Easter.

Animal Aid is encouraging people to drop eggs from their diet and offers the perfect support with a FREE recipe booklet, which includes delicious savoury and sweet egg-free recipes.

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