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New Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan

Posted 28 July 2011

Going veggie or vegan is simple with Animal Aid's new 36-page booklet. Beautifully illustrated with a mouth-watering chocolate cake on the cover, the new guide contains simple veggie and vegan recipes including some of your favourite meals: lasagne, quiche, sausage and bean casserole and, of course, some indulgent desserts. With nutritional advice, products to buy in the shops and tips for eating out, this is a comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to try a veggie or vegan diet.

'Going veggie or vegan could be the best decision you ever made,' says Animal Aid's Campaigns Officer, Kelly Slade. 'It’s certainly the best one for the billions of animals who are needlessly farmed and killed every year. Not only will you be helping to save animals' lives, but you’ll feel healthier too.'

Veggies and vegans have a lower risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some cancers than meat-eaters. Non-meat eaters will also be helping to protect the planet, as animal farming uses much more land, energy and water than plant-based agriculture and generates more global warming gases.

Kelly Slade continues:

'Anyone can switch to a plant-based diet and it's a lot easier than you might think. The number of veggies and vegans in the UK is increasing and with it, the number of choices, from new cafés, bakeries, restaurants, and businesses to animal-free products in supermarkets and high street shops. In fact, being veggie or vegan opens your eyes to a variety of foods that you might never have discovered.'

Animal Aid's new guide is ideal for anyone who would like to eat more compassionately and it is available free of charge from Animal Aid's website.

Notes to editors

  • For more information contact Kelly Slade on 01732 364546 ext 227 or email
  • A PDF version of the booklet can be downloaded here.
  • Your Guide to Going Veggie or Vegan is available free of charge from the Animal Aid office.

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