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March is National Veggie Month

Posted 29 February 2012

The vegetarian diet is exotic, varied, full of flavour and will tantalise your taste buds with a world of wonderful vegetables. This is the message that Animal Aid is promoting during March, which is designated National Veggie Month.

Animal Aid’s 90-second viral film, which can be viewed on the front of the promotional website asks ‘If you knew the truth, would it make a difference?’ The last screen answers this: ‘It would to them,’ referring to the billions of farmed animals who unnecessarily suffer and die every day so that people can eat meat.

Says Veggie Month Co-ordinator Kelly Slade:

'The average meat-eater consumes as many as 11,000 animals in his or her lifetime so by choosing to go veggie you really can save animals’ lives and end the needless suffering of these sentient creatures. And the good news is that it’s easy! Especially with the help of Animal Aid’s FREE Guide to Going Veggie - full of shopping tips, recipes and nutritional information. There is every reason in the world to try this healthy and ethical lifestyle.'

As well offering information for those considering a veggie diet, also features a competition to win a hamper of organic vegetables and two meat-free cookery books if entrants can guess the names of the unusual vegetables displayed on the website.

Veggie Month is supported by libraries and health food shops throughout the country. Waterstones bookshops are also backing the initiative by distributing, free to their customers, Animal Aid’s ‘Go Veggie’ bookmarks.

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