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Spare the little ones

Posted 2 April 2012

At Easter, we see cute baby animals everywhere - fluffy yellow chicks adorn greeting cards and adorable lambs gambol in the fields. But the reality for these animals is not as pretty as the pictures. In farms and slaughterhouses, these babies are treated as mere units of production and they suffer terribly.

Each year, 30 million day-old male chicks are gassed or shredded alive by the egg industry, because they cannot lay eggs and don’t put on weight quickly enough for meat production. Chicks who are hatched for the meat industry are selectively bred to grow so big and so fast that their legs are unable to support their weight and many collapse under broken bones. They are just six weeks of age when slaughtered.

Ewes are forced into producing more lambs than is natural at the wrong time of year. Every year some four million newborn lambs die within a few days of birth, mostly from disease, exposure or malnutrition. Lambs who do survive are usually sent to slaughter at around four months old.

So this Easter, spare the little ones and celebrate life by choosing to go vegan. It’s easy with the help of Animal Aid’s FREE Vegan Guide, which contains simple, tasty recipes, tips for eating out, nutritional information and products to buy in the supermarket.

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