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Swedish Experts Call For Tax On Meat

Posted 29 January 2013

Agricultural experts in Sweden have called for a tax to be imposed on all meat products in the country and have suggested that such a levy should be adopted across the whole EU. Sweden’s Board of Agriculture has proposed the measure in order to reduce meat consumption because of the environmental and health impacts associated with it. They say that labelling by producers and the voluntary actions of consumers are unlikely to be enough to address these problems, so government action is required.

Meat consumption is directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of farmed animals across the EU. It is also the cause of widespread deforestation in South America and South East Asia as jungle habitats are destroyed to make way for plantations to feed factory-farmed animals. Furthermore, animal farming is contributing to elevated greenhouse gas emissions and water shortages in some countries. In terms of human health, meat consumption has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and certain forms of cancer.

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