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Get Organising for Veggie Month

Posted 11 February 2013

There has never been a better time to go veggie. Trust in meat in the UK is falling each day as the horsemeat scandal continues to expand and escalate. It has exposed the European meat industry as cruel, corrupt and inept – cruel in its treatment of animals; corrupt because meat has been deliberately miss-sold; and inept in its failure to perfrom adequate checks on the provenance of what is being sold to the public. Simply put, consumers do not know what is in meat products or where they have come from.

As mentioned in a previous post, throughout Europe live animals are being traded as commodities, shipped across numerous borders in appalling conditions just to be killed. Then their flesh is traded in bulk back-and-forth across the continent and globally.

With a web of abattoirs, shipping agents, meat processors and food companies operating in numerous countries, there is ample opportunity to swap goods, bulk them up with unauthorised ingredients and otherwise tamper with meat. The on-the-ground reality also makes it almost impossible for ‘authorities’ to regulate or ensure any kind of accountability in the supply chain.

Of course the best food we can eat, veggie or otherwise, is fresh and unprocessed. It’s difficult to tamper with fresh vegetables – you can’t bulk out a carrot with ‘filler’ and anyone trying to pass off cabbages as aubergines would soon be caught out. We know now that we can’t be entirely confident of any ‘ready meals’. But given the additional cost and expensive processing associated with any meat products, we can be sure that there is far less chance of a vegetarian dish being tainted with the likes of horse meat, pork, beef, lamb or chicken. That’s why this March, as part of National Veggie Month, Animal Aid is calling on the British public to ditch dodgy meat in favour of plant-based meals. Going veggie is also better for your health and, of course, reduces animal suffering and helps the environment.

If you’re already a veggie or vegan, why not get active in promoting Veggie Month in your local area? There are all sorts of things you can do; here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Give out free information and samples of veggie food at a stall in your town centre
  • Organise a ‘Veggie Night’ with a local restaurant, including entertainment and all-vegetarian food
  • Urge local pubs and cafés to provide more veggie options throughout March, or offer discounts on the ones they have
  • Create a Veggie Month display for your local library, community centre or place of worship
  • Ask local shops if they will put up a poster and/or have some veggie leaflets on display
  • Organise a vegetarian ‘Master Chef’ or ‘Come Dine With Me’-style competition
  • Host a social get-together of local vegetarians

Animal Aid can help to promote your event through our online diary or by contacting our supporters in your area. We can also provide you with free resources, such as leaflets, posters, stickers and our ever-popular recipe booklets. For any of these, or for more details about Veggie Month, contact or call 01732 364546 ext 227.

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