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Posted 15 February 1998


A brand new "Kick the Meat Habit" helpline will be launched by national campaign group Animal Aid on March 1st, with the aim of assisting members of the public to cut out the meat habit for good. The helpline will provide callers with all the advice and support they need to begin cooking delicious vegetarian meals and leading a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle.

The initiative marks Animal Aid's annual "Veggie Month", aimed at converting 10% of the population to a vegetarian diet by the year 2000. The helpline is being launched in response to ever-increasing concern from all spheres over the health risks associated with eating meat, as well as growing public outrage over the conditions in which animals are farmed, transported and slaughtered.

Veggie Month co-ordinator Mark Gold explained,

"Eating meat is a destructive habit which leads to a higher risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity and food poisoning, as well as to the deaths of 750 million animals each year in the UK alone.

"An enormous number of people would like to quit, but feel hooked on their routine and unsure of how to change their lifestyle", he continued. "Our message is simple: ring the helpline and find out how to get started!"

The helpline will be advertised by a controversial national poster campaign throughout UK shopping centres (full details to be announced). Health centres, schools, libraries and doctors surgeries around the country will be supporting the campaign with special displays and leaflets supplied free of charge by Animal Aid.

Notes to Editors

  • More information from Andrew Tyler, Gillian Egan, Becky Smith on 01732 364546 (Mark Gold).
  • Kick the Meat Habit helpline: 01732 354032. The helpline runs throughout March. Calls are charged at standard rates.
  • 5.4% of the UK population are now vegetarian (The Realeat Survey).

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