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Posted 1 March 2001
The Murder a Burger poster

Dramatic footage of the breeding, transport and killing of farmed animals will be taken to the streets of London today by national campaign group, Animal Aid.

The Veggie Video Van will be at Leicester Square, 11 a.m., to mark the start of the group's Veggie Month campaign, staged every year throughout the month of March since 1990. The shock video introduces the most hard-hitting Veggie Month campaign yet. Featuring scenes of cattle beaten at market, baby chickens unable to walk, sheep tossed over fences and powerful slaughter footage, the video shows the bloody reality behind the sanitised packages on sale in supermarkets.

Anticipating a strong reaction from passers-by rarely given the truth about how their food is produced, Animal Aid are simultaneously launching a free colour booklet, called GOING VEGGIE: The lazy gourmet's guide to kicking the meat habit. The booklet is designed to help people taking their first steps as veggies. In the wake of food scares and amid growing concern for animal welfare, it will offer viewers of the video a positive alternative to the consumption of animal flesh (see online version of booklet).

Throughout March, Animal Aid campaigners will be outside supermarkets around the country, distributing the free guide and encouraging shoppers to Go Veggie. They will highlight the ever-increasing range of veggie choices to be found in both supermarkets and health food shops. With delicious, cruelty-free alternatives to all animal products readily available, Animal Aid see this as the ideal time to explore the veggie world.

Kay Holder, Animal Aid's Vegetarian Campaigner, said:

"It's quite possible when you pick up a package of processed meat or even a piece of lamb wrapped in clingfilm, to forget that you're handling animal flesh. We're here to remind people that killing is part of the package. In the UK alone, around 2.5 million animals are slaughtered every day to satisfy the public's meat habit. At a time when anyone concerned for their family's health must be considering the veggie option, the good news is that going veggie has never been easier."

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