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Marathon girl

Posted 1 October 2005

Vegan Fiona Oakes cares for more than 260 rescued animals at her sanctuary in Essex, including hens, turkeys, pigs, sheep, cats, dogs and rabbits. This eternally energetic and tirelessly dedicated lady is also a part-time fire fighter and, as if that wasn't enough, a marathon runner.

Fiona - despite having a knee replacement - trains by running more than 80 miles a week and represented the UK at the Barcelona Olympics in '92 and recently switched to marathon running - coming 30th in the 2005 London Marathon in an incredible 2 hours 49 minutes. On Sunday 16th October, she will be taking part in the Amsterdam marathon. Fiona has been invited to compete as one of only 20 to 30 'Elite' runners, lining up alongside Haile Gebreselassi, one of the greatest athletes in the world today. What an achievement!

'Because I was in the Elite start of the London race I was running alone for most of it,' says Fiona. 'When I turned into The Mall it was music to my ears to hear a man on a tannoy shouting "come on the vegan runner!" to over 500,000 people. All the pain of the hundreds of miles of training seemed worth it. If I'm out there winning races it is a great way of getting the message across that the vegan diet is the healthiest of all!'

Fiona is a vegan dynamo, and we'll be cheering her all the way on October 16th.

Please visit, where you will see pictures of all the rescued animals living out their days in spacious accommodation and contentment. Donations to the sanctuary would be very gratefully received.

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