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GET READY - Veggie Month 2003

Posted 1 February 2003
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March is Veggie Month. Read on for simple, enjoyable ways you can help make this March a success.

  1. Organise a veggie event in a restaurant
    Why not ask a local restaurant if they will stage a fully veggie evening as part of Veggie Month? Take along some Animal Aid materials to back you up and explain that you'll help boost numbers by bringing along friends or your local animal rights group. You could help promote the night in your town through flyers or a newspaper to make sure plenty of people come. There's no better way of encouraging people to go veggie than inspiring them with delicious food. Look for a restaurant that already has a good veggie selection (Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican...) - perhaps the restaurant would do a buffet 'eat as much as you want' deal. If you're vegan, suggest a completely animal-free evening - that way you'll be able to enjoy the food too!
    To maximise the promotion, the restaurant might consider offering discounts on veggie dishes throughout March, or widening its veggie menu. Staff might consider going veggie for a week - if nothing else, the publicity will be good for the restaurant! You can make sure Animal Aid literature is available throughout the month for customers to take away.

  2. Veggie Stalls
    Please consider holding a special Veggie Month stall in your town centre during March. Veggie resources are available FREE to campaigners in the run up to March. Our full-colour 'Go Veggie' leaflets and booklets and 'Young Veggies' booklets are particularly popular (see the resources list). A local health food shop might provide you with free food to give away to people in bite-size samples - particularly if you are able to promote them in return. You can also use the stall to promote your 'Veggie Night' if you're having one.
    Animal Aid has 'Veggie Pledge' forms and recipe sheets - you can encourage people to take the veggie pledge for a week during March. (NB keep their contact details so that we can write to them and ask how it went. Also, a local veggie health store or restaurant might offer you a prize and you could enter everyone who tries going veggie into a draw as an extra incentive.)

Each year, it's your support that gives Veggie Month its nationwide impact. Leafleting and events across the country have an enormous influence and we're always busy sending out Veggie packs through March and beyond. Don't forget that each meat-eater eats around 900 animals in a lifetime, so each veggie saves hundreds of lives!

Please let Animal Aid know if you decide to organise an event so that we can help you with materials and publicity.

See the special Veggie Month section for Veggie Pledge forms, plus recipes and factsheets.

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