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HOSPITAL FOOD SURVEY - Online questionnaire

Posted 1 October 2003
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This questionnaire is now closed.

The results will be published during Veggie Month 2004.

This questionnaire is aimed at UK vegetarians and vegans who have been hospital in-patients at some point over the last two years. It is also for those who work in hospitals. (Hospital employees should answer question 1 and then 4 to 10 only, indicating the service available in your hospital.)

The publication of the findings of Animal Aid's two previous surveys sparked widespread public discussion and media coverage. One of the surveys looked at provision for veggie children in schools, while the other examined the support and pressures experienced by parents raising their children on an animal-free diet. Animal Aid intends to publish the findings of this new, equally important survey to mark the start of Veggie Month next March. We recognise that, for various reasons, some people may not want to give personal details or the name of the hospital in which they stayed. However, to help with the compilation of data we would appreciate being provided with, if not the full address, the town or county in which the hospital is located. The more information we have the better!

For the purposes of this survey, the term 'vegetarian' applies to anyone who refrains from eating all meat (including poultry and fish).

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