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NEW FAVOURITES - Cookbook review

Posted 1 March 2002

Vegan cookbookThis new vegan cookbook, reviewed here by Ronny Worsey, is now available from Animal Aid - place your order in our cruelty-free shop.

This ideal vegan cookbook features tasty and original recipes which are also health-promoting and easy to prepare.

It is a US production with a wide range of tasty scoff guaranteed to get you clattering those pans. Examples of recipes include: Three Bean Sweet Mustard Salad, Tofu Spinach Crepe and Maple Walnut Carrot Cake.

In addition to the recipes, Brook has included a handy conversion page so that the US measurements won't present a problem, plus a guide to some of the more 'veganistic' ingredients used, such as tahini and miso. The book is also enhanced by a variety of quotes and anecdotes about ethical vegan living.

My only gripe is that I think that tofu is overused. It appears in most of the recipes, which gives the impression that vegans depend on the stuff. Nevertheless, I highly recommend New Favourites to both aspiring and experienced vegan cooks.


  • New Favourites by Brook Catz is now available in the online shop, price £7.95
  • Go veggie - for lots of recipes and advice see our veggie month pages.

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