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Blood Sport Rockers On Parade

Posted 15 May 2007

Once again Highclere Castle will play host to old rockers, such as Eric Clapton, Bryan Ferry, Steve Winwood and Steve Harley, in a benefit being staged for the Countryside Alliance on 19 May.

Last year, Animal Aid released a spoof video mocking the Countryside Alliance’s ‘Highclere Rocks’ with its own version - Hunt Generation - of The Who’s My Generation.

This year, the Countryside Alliance has already run into a spot of bother when one of their scheduled performers, Robert Wells - the world-famous pianist, singer and composer - refused to participate in the show after an Animal Aid tip off that the money was for blood sports. Wells said, ‘I felt that they were keeping something from me when they denied that the Countryside Alliance had anything to do with foxhunting. I warned them not to mess with me or I’d get really pissed off’.

Clapton and Ferry might like to think they are the bad boys of rock n’ roll, but there is nothing rebellious about hunting and shooting. Just as they are rock relics from another age, so killing animals for pleasure belongs to the Dark Ages - a fact that most people can appreciate. The only punters willing to lash out 75 quid to watch a load of misguided fools shuffling around on stage, are, well, misguided fools.

The lyrics to Hunt Generation are reproduced below. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

The Hunt Generation

People ought to put us down
Before we join that countryside crowd
We don't have to sing for the hungry or poor
We're the hunting, shooting rock dinosaurs


The hunt generation
Hunt generation, baby
You thought we'd all fade away
But we're killing them foxes day by day
We're rich, we're cruel
We're the radical cause
For the hunting, shooting rock dinosaurs

We used to sing songs about the Vietnam war
Then we sent our kids to public school
Our slogan was 'leave them kids alone'
Now it's save our shooting at the stately home


Eric played the concert for Bangladesh
Now the benefit gig's for animal death
And Roger said, hey break down that wall
Now he wants to kill creatures great and small

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