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Animal Aid welcomes ban

Posted 16 September 2004
Fox cub

Statement on the ban on fox hunting

Animal Aid is exuberant that a fox hunting ban finally looks set to become a reality, after years of stalling by the Blair Government. It marks a victory for foxes and for their millions of advocates across the country. As the last vestiges of a more brutal age are coming to an end, we have high hopes that other bloodsports will be banned.

The violence evident in both the huntsmen's sport and this week's protest is in stark contrast to the tempered demonstrations of animal campaigners. Yet, while animal rights activists are cast as thugs, the huntsmen have been described as gentle country-folk forced to break the law by an unjust government.

Victim of the Cheshire Hunt, 2001

Animal Aid would like to thank all of the MPs who trusted their conscience and voted in favour of a ban. There is a lot of cruelty that remains to be abolished, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single footstep and yesterday Parliament took that first step.

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