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International day of protest against Japanese dolphin slaughter marked in London

Posted 17 November 2004
Every year thousands of dolphins and small whales are slaughtered in small towns across Japan. Photo credit: Sea Shepherd

After exposing the brutal dolphin massacre which takes place each year in Japanese fishing villages, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is holding an International Day of Protest outside Japanese Embassies around the world.

The London demonstration is being organised by Joan Court, an 85 year old campaigner from Animal Rights Cambridge, who has just returned from 10 weeks as a crewmember on the Farley Mowat - the Sea Shepherd flagship. She will be joined by members of Animal Aid, the UK's largest animal rights organisation.

Date: Friday, 19th November
Time: 12 noon
Place: Japanese Embassy, 101-104 Piccadilly

Every year, between October and March, thousands of dolphins and small whales are massacred in Japanese fishing villages. During these hunts, Japanese fishermen herd whole families and pods of dolphins, porpoises and small whales into shallow bays and mercilessly slaughter them. The dolphins thrash about for as long as six minutes each as they slowly bleed to death, turning the sea literally red with their blood. They will then be sliced up and sold as meat in restaurants and supermarkets across Japan, some of which are owned by US and European companies.

The dolphins slowly bleed to death, turning the sea red with blood. Photo credit: Sea Shepherd

Aquariums, water parks and "Swim with the Dolphins" programs also work in partnership with the dolphin butchers, supporting them with large sums of money for live dolphins. Although spared the butchering of those killed for meat, these animals will endure a lifetime of suffering in captivity.

Over 25 protests are being held on November 19th outside Japanese Embassies worldwide. Actress Susan Sarandon has added her voice to the protests and recorded a Public Service Announcement calling for an end to the slaughter.

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