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Safari park cruelty revealed

Posted 21 June 2010

Woburn Safari Park has been exposed for keeping animals in overcrowded and harmful enclosures. A report by government inspectors revealed that lions were being kept in cramped enclosures for up to 18 hours a day, despite the park's claims that its animals enjoy living in a 'natural environment'.

The barren, crowded conditions were causing the lions to fight amongst themselves. On top of this, until late last year the sea lions at the park were forced to live in harmful chlorinated water, causing painful skin and eye conditions. Despite an internal report warning of these health problems, the sea lions were not moved for another six months. An employee at the safari park described how one sea lion was bumping into the side of the pool because of eye problems caused by the chlorine. The elephant and tiger enclosures at Woburn were also found to be inadequate, and exotic large turtles were being kept in unsuitable 'temporary' tanks for months.

For more information, see the Captive Animals Protection Society’s website

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