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Oppose the badger cull

Posted 28 August 2013

In Somerset, badgers are now being shot as they run for their lives, and the culling is due to start in Gloucestershire this week. This is a cynical and senseless government policy that, according to independent scientists, will not help reduce the incidence of TB in cows.

Five thousand badgers will be killed in the coming weeks, and – when the government rolls out the cull across the country – as many as 130,000 could be killed. MPs will have no say in whether the cull is extended and they are calling on the government to allow a parliamentary debate before any further culling is allowed.

Please check to see if your MP has signed EDM 299 by clicking here. If not, please ask him or her to do so.

If you can get to Gloucestershire, even for one night, please contact the Wounded Badger Patrol. This dedicated group is walking the footpaths searching for any wounded animals who may need help. They are in full compliance with the injunction, so please join them.

The petition opposing the cull – the largest ever submitted via the government’s e-petition website – closes on 7th September, so please continue to collect signatures up until that date.

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