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The badger cull: Government cannot define 'humaneness'

Posted 16 September 2013

The government’s Chief Veterinary Officer has finally admitted that he cannot define ‘humaneness’, despite the fact that the badger cull is being carried out specifically to test for it. Nigel Gibbens wrote: 'There are, however, no definitive criteria for determining humaneness in this context.'

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Last week, the Western Morning News reported that just ‘a handful’ of badgers have been shot in Somerset, after two weeks of culling. To meet the required target, 1500 animals would need to have been killed at this stage. One well-placed source told the paper: ‘Only three or four badgers are being shot every day. It is just a case now of who gets the blame for the whole thing failing.’

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Somerset County Councillor, Mike Rigby, examines the arguments for the cull

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