Animals in Captivity

Lots of animals are kept in captivity to satisfy people’s curiosity and to provide a leisure activity for the public.

In zoos, they typically suffer boredom and confinement inside small enclosures.

It is claimed that zoos play a vital role in conserving endangered species. But most animals in zoos are not members of endangered species, and, in any case, are rarely introduced into the wild because it is so expensive and complicated to do so.

In circuses, animals are often subjected to physical and mental cruelty at the hands of uncaring animal trainers.

Good news

The UK Government has announced that a ban on wild animals in circuses in England will come into force in December 2015.

Wild animals are defined as those who are not normally domesticated in the UK.

The next goal for campaigners is to ban the use of domestic animals such as dogs and horses in circuses.

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