Ditch dairy – save badgers and cows

As the badger cull is set to be extended, the need to ditch dairy – for the sake of wildlife and the poor suffering cows – has never been greater.

Posted 25 Aug 2017

badger photo licenced under CC 2.0/Flickr user cloudtail

World Plant Milk Day and Dairy Week of Action

This summer, Animal Aid is teaming up with Viva!, Veganuary, and ProVeg UK to launch a new joint initiative to highlight the suffering caused by the dairy industry and promote compassionate alternatives – World Plant...

Posted 27 Jul 2017

More chicken eaten in the UK than red meat

The amount of chicken meat eaten in the UK has been rising for some time due to it usually being cheaper than most other types of meat, and many people believing it to be healthier...

Posted 30 Jun 2017

Steanbow Farms, Somerset

Ten things you should know about dairy…

1st June marks World Milk Day, which aims to celebrate the supposed benefits of the dairy industry. But the truth is that dairy farming is cruel and environmentally damaging. So here are ten facts about...

Posted 01 Jun 2017

Statement on Bowood Slaughterhouse Trial

Lord Justice Hickinbottom and Mr Justice Kerr ruled today at the High Court in Leeds that the defendants in the Bowood slaughterhouse case, which relates to an investigation by Animal Aid, should be tried.

Posted 27 Apr 2017