Easy Fundraising Ideas

Don't have time to organise your own fundraising event? No problem! here are some easy ways to raise money for Animal Aid.

Easy sponsored events

Don’t organise your own. Just wait for a sponsor form to appear in Outrage for someone doing blindfolded bungee jumping or something and then ask people to sponsor that person.

Swear box

Make a box (or get someone else to) and a big sign for your workplace, local pub, etc. and encourage people to pay 20p every time they swear (or 50p for really naughty words!). Sit back and watch the money roll in (but don’t go bankrupt yourself by swearing too often).

Standing orders

Forget about fundraising altogether and just give regular monthly support by joining Animal Aid’s Club Draw. If you don’t have access to a printer, please ask Animal Aid to post you a Club Draw form.

For slightly more effort, you could encourage your family and friends to join the Club Draw, too!


Don’t organise your own jumble sale, fete or book fayre, but take a stall at someone else’s.

Pub quizzes

Persuade your local pub to organise a pub quiz on Animal Aid’s behalf. If the bar manager is sympathetic, he or she may do everything and just give you the money for Animal Aid. The manager may prefer to post us a cheque direct. We will send a thank you letter that can be displayed in the pub. Alternatively, the manager may expect you to provide the questions, perhaps you have a friend who is a trivia nut who will leap at the chance of doing the questions.

Leave Animal Aid money in your will

Everyone should make a will anyway and it’s no trouble at all to put Animal Aid in it (phone us on 01732 364546 for our free will-writing service pack). By leaving money to Animal Aid, we get money eventually, you don’t have to put any real effort in and it doesn’t cost you anything!