Other Fundraising Ideas

Organise a fete or garden party, go carol singing or wash some cars. There are lots of ways to raise money for a good cause.

A fete or garden fayre

As well as selling things, you can have a tombola (you must be over 16 to run one), a lucky dip, cruelty-free face-painting, refreshments, competitions (guess the weight of something or the number of items in a jar, or who does the best painting – this last one can keep little children busy while their parents browse the rest of your fayre). Lots of the advice in the previous section applies to this kind of event too.

Carol singing

As an alternative to going door-to-door, if you live on or near to a very quiet road and there are plenty of you with loud enough voices, you could gather together on the pavement and sing while a few others ring on people’s doors asking them to come to their doors and listen. They might give a donation after a few minutes and have enjoyed listening to you. If any of you play a portable instrument such as a guitar, then that might make it more enjoyable. You will need photocopied word sheets for the carols. Fingerless gloves and torches might help you to cope with the word sheets and with playing a guitar in the bleak midwinter!


You could offer to do dog walking, baby-sitting, ironing, housework, house-sitting and animal-feeding when people are on holiday, gardening, car washing, keeping your own room tidy (adults, please note that you should not be charging for that one!), shopping and other errands, cruelty-free makeovers.

Benefit concerts/gigs

If you know a rock band, jazz group, DJ or string quartet, ask them if they will do a benefit evening for Animal Aid. Check in advance whether the band will need any expenses and book the venue. Work out how many tickets you will have to sell to cover your expenses and do the publicity (see the previous sections for advice on this).

Recruit members

If you keep a couple of membership forms in your wallet or bag at all times, then whenever you are chatting about animal issues and someone seems to agree with your arguments, you can offer them a form. You could also promote Animal Aid on your Facebook page.