Organise a social event

What sort of social event?

How about a sports, music or general knowledge quiz, a themed film evening (horror films, Star Trek, comedy, etc.), a karaoke evening, wine or beer tasting, a veggie barbecue, a board games or party games evening, a fancy dress party, a coffee morning or a sports tournament in your back garden?

How do I make any money?

You can charge an admission fee, sell refreshments, have a raffle, or charge for taking part in each individual activity.

Where should I have the event?

If it’s just for a few friends, you could use your own home, but if you want it bigger, you could hire a church hall or community centre room, or a room in a hotel or pub. If it’s aimed at school friends or work colleagues, you might want to hold it on the premises, at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

How do I get people to come to it?

Your family and friends and school or work colleagues and anyone you know in your youth club, pub darts team, scout group, sports team or night school class are probably your best bet. Don’t just tell them but give them a leaflet or something with the time, date and address on. If you want to do it on a bigger scale, you can do posters or leaflets or you can pay for adverts and you can press release it to local papers. The people most likely to come are the people who live nearby. Therefore probably the most cost-effective way of advertising is posters and leaflets at the venue and door-to-door leafleting of the nearby roads. And social media are, of course, extremely cost-effective as they are free!

What does it involve?

It depends on what you do. Don’t take on a complicated event unless you have plenty of helpers. First you need to decide what event you want to do, when and where. If you are going to book a venue, you may need to be a bit flexible on ‘when’ and you may need to book well in advance. Then make a list of everything you need, such as helpers, equipment, refreshments, cutlery and crockery, leaflets and posters. Make sure you can afford to provide all that, and transport it, and still expect to make a surplus.

What do I do with the money?

If it is in cash, please keep the cash and send a cheque instead, payable to Animal Aid. If anyone is paying you by cheque, ask them to make them payable to Animal Aid too, and send us all the cheques.