Organise a sponsored event

What does it involve?

Sponsored events are a popular straightforward way of raising money.
We can provide paper sponsor form(s) and/or set up a sponsorship page for you on our website, and you can send a link to your friends. Your job is to decide on an event, get the sponsors, do the event and gather in the money. Maybe use Facebook and Twitter to promote your event. Collecting the money can be the hardest bit, so if you can persuade people to pay you when they sponsor you, instead of after you have done the event, that can make it easier. Remember to tick people off when they pay you.

What sponsored events are there?

You can be sponsored for almost anything. You might try a sponsored walk, run, cycle ride, slim, crawl, hop, jump, hike, aerobics, spelling, silence, talking, cooking, cleaning, bird watching, litter collection, dancing, fasting, number of goals or points scored in a sports match, reading, writing, singing, dog walking, going veggie/vegan, stopping smoking, stopping drinking, sitting in baked beans or giving up chocolate. More original or difficult events may get more sponsors.

Do I do it on my own?

You can do, but if you can persuade other people to take part, it may be more fun and, between you, you should raise more money. Some people may not want to take part, but may be willing to take a sponsor form to their school or family or workplace. If you have a lot of people joining in, we could offer a prize for the person who raises the most money.

Do I need to worry about anything?

Be careful if you go door-to-door to get sponsors, and make sure children are accompanied by an adult. If you are doing the actual event in a public place, you may need permission – contact Animal Aid or your local council for information. If lots of people take part in one event, you may want to ask the St. John Ambulance people to come along.

What does my sponsor form need to include?

  • what the event involves and where and when it takes
  • placedistances/times/amounts expected to be completed
  • that all proceeds go to Animal Aid
  • a space for the name of the participant
  • columns for names and addresses of sponsors and amounts sponsored
  • (if other people have forms) your or our name and address for the money to be sent to
  • (if other people have forms) space for you to tick off that the person did the event

Do I need anything else?

Sometimes. For example, a ten lap sponsored walk may need a form to tick people off as they do each lap, and you may need direction signs for the walk. You may want to give people a certificate when they complete the event or when they bring in the money. We can provide sponsor forms, certificates, completion forms and anything else you need.What do I do with the money?If it is in cash, please keep the cash and send a cheque instead, payable to Animal Aid. If anyone is paying you by cheque, ask them to make them payable to Animal Aid too, and send us all the cheques together.